Information London Court Condominium Association, Inc
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No charcoal or propane grills (of any kind) shall be used in or at the condominium units or adjacent to the units on the common elements or on limited common elements. Electric grills are permitted. A Class B file extinguisher must be present at all times when an electric grill is in use.
All vehicles must display a proper LC Permit, state registration & tags. Vehicles will not display any exposed material or equipment, such as ladders, tubing, cabling, ropes, wheel barrels, trash, for sale signs etc. and Vehicles parked in areas where parking is prohibited will be towed without notice
Pet Areas, are marked with signs in designated areas. Pet Stations are provided for your convenience. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in an action against you before the covenant committee. A fine of $100.00 can be immediately.
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